Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

James had a work trip in San Antonio again last week and when we found out his Brothers family were planning to head down to the beach for the weekend we decided to join them! So much fun. I had no idea the beaches in TX were so nice. I really think they are a hidden treasure. The water was nice (not to cold not to hot) and the beaches weren't crowded.
Going for a drive (on our way down to SA James had to stop for a meeting in Dallas) me and the kids hung out in the car. The pic of Bella below cracks me up

The weather was in the 80s so we took advantage of the pool and the large hot tub at the pool.

My dad just happened to be in town this week to so we got to meet up with him and my Aunt Beverly. I forgot to take pictures.

Royce was so cute in his little swim outfit I had to take pictures. This is pretty much his attitude all the time except for when he has a messy diaper or is about to fall asleep. Such a sweet boy!

Poor kid. This is what Royce did pretty much the whole time we were at the beach. I didn't want him to get sunburned or sand stuck in those baby rolls.We got to ride on a ferry on our way to Port Aransas so fun. It was only like 5 minutes long but still very cool!

Behind James and Luke are James brother Joe's (tall guy) and his wife Lisa (red sweater)

This is all she wanted to do the whole ride

Bella really liked this hole.

Daddy taking Luke boogie boarding. He liked digging in the sand and jumping the waves with daddy.

Luke making what he called a "Sand Angel"

Cousin Sadie, she is about 7 months younger than Bella. They were BFF on this trip

Shark shop we got souvenirs at. From left to right we have Royce, Taylor, Hunter, Bella, Luke, Sadie

These birds were crazy! They would swarm you if you had food and fly down and take it right out of your hand. I am just glad we didn't get pooped on.

James being made into a sand Avatar. They later attached a long seaweed tail to him.

Bella said her favorite part was going out with Daddy and jumping the waves. James later told me she just kept kissing him over and over again while they were out in the water.

I went out in the water a little. It was really nice. For the most part James went body surfing and I got to hang out with my babes making fun sand sculptures and search for sea shells.

It was a great trip and I hope to do it again.

He loves taking silly pics and then looking at them! Funny kid.


Shari said...

so fun!!!!!! i wish we could have been there... WE MISS YOU GUYS!

Becky Sorenson said...

I am jealous! It looks so fun and I wish we could have joined you. All the kiddos are so cute and are growing up fast. Are you guys going to the condo in August? I hope so!!

Tracie said...

What a fun trip! And you got some great pics too! I can't believe how big Luke & Bella are, they are seriously so adorable. You got some good look'n kids girl :-)