Monday, March 14, 2011

Luke's first year

Born July 26, 2006 after 6 long hours of labor. We had our boy! Weighed in at 7lb 11oz 21in
Luke James Mortensen

First bath
He loved his Paci

His first Halloween. Little Turkey. He was really cranky while I was taking these pics and after I was done I noticed he was breaking out in a rash. Yeah, allergic to the hay. One of my first bad mommy moments.
His Blessing. We had 4 generations: James Grandpa Roy, My Dad, James, and Luke all there.

Taking a bath in the sink at Grandpas
Luke's think "why is this really hairy man holding me"

He was such a happy chubby baby. Loved being wrestled around with even as a baby. One of his favorite games was to sit on the bed and have someone forcefully push him over. He would laugh like crazy. He still loves that game. (Bella doesn't)
Luke and His best baby buddy Samson
He still looks at his Grandma Betty this way! They have always had a very special very cuddly relationship.
The year of the Stomach flu. We will never forget that Christmas, not only because it was Luke's first.
Luke and Grandpa Roy (who we named Royce after)

Aunt Heather(James sister) sent this for Luke. He really liked it as you can tell, and we still use it on family trips.
Just the 3 of us. Mommy and Daddy all to hisself
Cute Nake Babies!

My friend Caz came for a visit this was the week we found out we were pregnant with Bella, Luke was 7 months old.
the elevator door in our building closed over Luke's hand and sliced it open. He was such a brave boy! It traumatized me more than him. Now he has a cool scar we get to tell him stories about.
Shari (James sister) and Brad went out of town for a get away. We watched their boys, back when it was just 2 of them.

Happy first forth of July baby boy!

Tasty sand?

Happy Birthday Baby!


Tracie said...

Awwww....memory lane :-)

Becky Sorenson said...

I loved looking through these! What a cute baby he was. I love the picture of him looking at Grandma cute.

Kristene said...

Thanks, Sara, for this sweet walk down memory lane! Our Luke will always be a favorite! :) Lots of love to Bella and Royce, too, OF COURSE!