Sunday, March 13, 2011

Church Today

This is a picture Luke drew in Primary today. Luke handed it to me after church and I couldn't really tell what it was until his primary teacher came up to me. She said that Luke drew a picture of Jesus, and that he chose to draw it in yellow because (like a yellow crayon on white paper) you can't see Jesus. When she told me this it almost made me cry, it just touched my heart. He is such a sweet good boy trying to what he thinks is right. He has such a strong sense of justice and right n wrong that sometimes it is hard for him to understand why people are mean or do naughty things. I love this boy!

Bella gave the scripture and prayer today in primary. Unfortunately they didn't have the microphone so you can't really hear her but I was just so glad that she was brave enough to do it! When I was a little girl I was to shy to go to primary (I usually went to class with my mom) so I am always amazed at what my kids are willing to do (even if it does scare them a little).

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Becky Sorenson said...

You have the sweetest kids. Way to go Bella!