Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Wrap

Hey Whats that?

Oh its little baby Royce

My girlfriend Kathryn got one these and I thought it was so cool I wanted one too. Then I remembered my cousin Jessie made one so I stole her idea and did the same. Its super easy just buy 5 yards of fabric (t-shirt like) and cut it so its about 25inches wide (I just cut mine in half so I have two wraps). Then I just looked up some tutorials on Youtube on how to tie it. Most comfy baby carrier I have tried. The only problem with mine is I got a stiffer fabric which I read was better for babies as they get heavier (which Royce is doing), it is sturdy but I wanted to be able to nurse him while he was in it and its hard to get him in position so I think the stretchier fabric works better for that.


Kathryn said...

Hey that looks great. You're so crafty. I don't even want to step foot in a craft store with my wild boys.

Tracie said...

You can make pretty much anything that you want & you make having 3 kids look so're my super hero!!!

Jessie said...

Aren't they the best! I'm so glad that this idea worked for you.

Becky Sorenson said...

I need to make one of these. They look so comfy for both mom and baby.