Friday, March 11, 2011

Bella Bella

How could you not love a face like that! She is such a ham, she totally started poses for these pictures completely unprompted

First of all I want to say I love my girl.... but she is driving me nuts! The child is incredibly creative and that tends to get her in a lot of trouble (for example when she colors all over my night stand). I think she is taking advantage of the fact that I am a little scatter brained recently because she has been extra mischievous.
I was so impressed the other night because Bella ate all her dinner. Then I was cleaning up and found this. She likes to make works of art with her food!

I walked into the den the other day and found this (well this is about half of what I found, I already started cleaning when I thought to take a picture) Bella (and Luke by omission) Took out ever toy, book, shoe, blanket, sock, ect. That they could find and threw them into a huge pile. So me wanting to teach them a lesson said clean it up guys, that resulted in a lot of "I can'ts" or "I don't know how" and since it was fastly approaching bed time I said "Okay go get in bed". The next day all the toys and book were gone! I boxed them up and told them they had to earn them back. We now have what is called "THE BOX" if they do something nice, unprompted, they get to pick a toy from THE BOX, if they do something naughty I get to take something away. It was working really well until I realized that my entire storage closet was take up by all there toys.... so we had a One for you and One for me party. I got out two boxes. One for the toys they were going to keep and One for the toys they were getting rid of. For each toy they put in the get rid of box they got to pick one to keep. This was very successful and they were just excited about getting back their stuff. We now have two huge boxes of toys and a large stuffed frog to get rid.

On a gross kinda funny note the other day we were outside and Luke came up to me very excited saying " Look at this pretty gray and yellow feather I found" I was looking at it when Bella yells "look I found more" I looked over and she was holding a decapitated bird! (A present from good ole' Jasper). I totally freaked and we went inside and washed our hands 4X.


Kathryn said...

Those pictures of the toys everywhere makes me tired. Good job getting rid of lots of toys. That's a great idea!

Tracie said...

Oh my gosh, when I read about the bird I seriously blurted out laughing & made Sal pause the tv so I could read it to him!

shari berry bo-berry said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww dead bird!!!!!!!!!

one for you one for me is the best idea EVER! you're a genius Sara!

Becky Sorenson said...

What a sweetheart Bella is! I love the noodles in her funny!