Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shiloh Blessing (3 months)

James was able to give our sweet girl a blessing from our Heavenly Father during sacrament meeting Sunday. We were very blessed and grateful to have friends and family there. It was touching for me to hear my dear husband heart touched by the spirit as his voice cracked with emotion. It instantly brought tears to my eyes

Our Father in Heaven, we take this infant into our arms to give her a name and a blessing. The name that she will be known as on this Earth and on the records of the church is Shiloh Adoré Mortensen. Shiloh we bless you with the knowledge that you are a child of God. That your spirit is precious to the Lord. That he desires you to live a happy life and to return to live with Him someday. We bless you to develop many talents and abilities and enjoy your time on the earth serving, working, and being a participant with your family and other groups throughout your life. We bless you to have a strong desire to follow the example of your savior Jesus Christ and that you will develop a personal relationship with Him. We pray that you will be prayerful in your daily efforts to choose the right and to be an example and leader to those around you. We bless you as you learn and develop wonderful gifts and abilities that you'll strive to find ways to incorporate music and physical activity into your life so that you can find that much more joy. We pray that you will learn to love and follow the guidance and counsel of your mother that Heavenly Father provides you. We pray that you will see the blessings that come as you live the gospel and you will choose to follow the example of Jesus the Christ and join His Church and serve in His Kingdom to prepare for His Second Coming. We pray that you will have a happy childhood and that you'll have a rewarding life that will lead you and prepare you to enter the Holy Temple and that you will eventually find a righteous young man and that you will go to the Temple to be married. We bless you that you will find joy in reading the scriptures. There will be times that you will have to stand alone and the scriptures of the holy prophets will be there with you. We bless you that as you prepare to be a mother that you will find that it is a worth while endeavor in this life and the choicest calling which God can give you. We pray that you will and we bless you to repent when you do something wrong, quickly, and find your way back to the straight and narrow path. That will ultimately lead you to eternal happiness. Shiloh we bless you with these things and with the eternal love of your Heavenly Father on this journey to know that he's there with you even though you can't see him. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

My heart swells when I think of my little Shiloh. She is a joy and a light in our home. She always has a ready smile, is very talkative and lively. Everyone adores this little girl. The kids fight over who gets to sit next to her or hold her next. She has an outpouring of love constantly going towards her. She is very good at expressing herself. I am very grateful for this little baby and the happiness she has brought into our lives. I feel like she is a little piece of Heaven here on Earth.
Shiloh is a very strong little baby.  She has been doing sit ups in her swing since she was born and this month she rolled over for the first time and then the next day she started scooting. She was on my bed when Bella said "Mom she is crawling" (I brushed it off because Bella also claims to have taught her to say her name) then I looked over and sure enough this little one was sticking her bum up get her knees underneath her and moving around on the bed! She has also gotten up on her hands and knees and since then has gotten proficient at rolling around. She loves people but she has a preference for her Mom. We tenderly look forward to watching her grow and being able to lead and guide her. We love her immensely!

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