Thursday, July 31, 2014

Luke is 8!!!!

So on the 5k we ran on Pioneer day we went past the church in Provo that I was baptized in. On my jog back to get the car I stop and went in the church. It was a touching experience. I remembered the day I was baptized. It is so exciting to see my oldest son about to make the same choice.

Luke's birthday is always fun. There are always so many options of what do. Luke decided that he wanted to celebrate at the Manilla Pond. His Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins and our neighbors came (with there Kayaks) They swam, ate cake, played in the sand, ate more cake, fished and went out in the kayaks.
This is the second time I have made this Dino cake the first time it was green
 Luke has grown like crazy this year physically, mentally and spiritually. He is and always has been a very strong boy but now he is almost as strong as me. He beat me at a race for the first time this year, not his dad yet though. He is my big helper around the house. He helps without being asks and makes good choices. He loves to play with people of all ages. 
Something I am always impressed with is how outgoing and brave he is. He is a curious child which I love because it makes it so easy to teach him! He has an awesome memory and can recite a various of facts on a variety of topics at any given time. He love games and media time but even more he loves books he spends several hours everyday reading to himself and his siblings. Luke takes good care of his little brothers and sister and is the natural leader. I often comment to people that I am so grateful that God sent him first because he is just the child I needed. I also frequently hear from friends and family what a good boy he is, very polite and sweet.
He has had an interview with the bishop and has chosen to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost on Sept 6, 2014. We know his choice will serve him well in his life..
We love you Luke!
 Grandpa George, Grandpa Marc, and Grandma Betty
 Grandma Cherie and Grandpa George
 After being at the beach for 4 hours we came home and Luke's oldest cousin (Christian) came over and they played and played until the sun went down. We had pizza for dinner and instead of ice cream Luke requested this ice cream cake I make sometimes. So the lucky duck got 2 cakes.

Luke with his second cake.

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