Thursday, August 28, 2014

Luke and the Story Telling Festival (Homeschool Outing)

This morning when the kids got up I told them they were going to the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival. They got really excited and Luke, in his eagerness, asked if he could write a story for. Of course I thought that would be awesome and in theme with the days events. He wrote his story with some spelling help from me, we had lunch and off to the festival we went. Children under 5 were not allowed so my Mom took the older kids while I waited at a near by park.

After the Festival was over Luke come walking down to meet the babies and I with a disappointed look on his face. The first thing he says to me is "Mom! why didn't you tell me you had to be invited to tell a story"? Thats when I noticed he had the sheet of paper with the story he had written in the morning on it. Grandma Cherie then filled me in that when they were at the story telling tent Luke got up walk to the front and proceeded to ask the people in charge when it would be his turn to tell his story? LOL! I had no idea that his intention for writing a story in the morning was to tell it at the festival. Even though he was disappointed that he did not get to share his story. I have to commend his bravery for being willing (even eager ) too. He gets that from James not me.

As a child I was extremely shy and I missed out on a lot because I was too afraid to join in. When I got pregnant for the first time (with Luke)  on the top of my DO NOT WANT FOR MY KIDS LIST was being shy. I remember praying that Luke would not have that trial and although I have witnessed him a little uncomfortable in a couple situations he is not in the shy spectrum.

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