Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Happenings and Dr. Checkups

I took all five of the kids in yesterday for checkups mostly because James was really concerned about immunization. We have been doing a delayed schedule mostly because when Luke was a baby he had some reactions to the shots that I wanted to avoid with the other kids. Luckily the only one that needed a shot was Abrahm. He got the DTAP. It was actually his first shot and he was super brave.
Here are the kids stats from there checkup.

5 weeks
12.75lb 98%
22.75in 98%

27lbs 76%
32in 22%

3 years 3 months
40lbs 95%
40in 87%

6 years
47.5in 74%
55lb 84%

7years 9 months
54.75in or 4ft 6in 98%
88lbs 98%

James and I both find it amusing that our biggest baby at birth is now the smallest percentile wise. (Abrahm was 10lb 4oz at birth)

 Bella and Luke finishing the foot race at Homeschool Field Day

 Yes it is snowing in April, the kids loved it!!
 Bella read her first book in April. Good job Bella!

 We try to have lunch with James once a week. We went to Macey's grocery store this day and the kids all got ice cream cones. Lucky kids!

 Friday movie night. They are all passed out in Bella's trundle bed.

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