Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shiloh is 1 month old!

Little girl is 5 weeks old today she is weighing in at 12lbs 12oz and 22.75 in long she is in the 98% for her age. The past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. We thought Shiloh got sick when she was a week old and have been watching her closely because she was wheezing finally after 2 weeks (she was 3 weeks old) we took her into the family dr. and the nurse practitioner said they thought she had RSV. This was really scary and we watched her very closely because she was wheezing and we wanted to make sure she was getting enough oxygen. Finally on Monday I took her into a pediatrician because she was have the same symptoms. The Dr. there diagnosed her with something called Larynomalacia (you can google it) which basically means floppy larynx. I guess some babies are born with larynx that arent as firm and so it causes noise when they are breathing. She said that she should out grow it and it shouldnt cause any problems except making funny noises when she breaths. I was so relieved and considered it a little miracle. I was preparing myself with the idea that my baby had asthma. The pediatrician also said a lot of non pediatrician Dr. misdiagnose it as a breathing related issue just because they aren't as familiar with babies bodies, so I think thats what happened when we took her into the family Dr. the week before. I can't tell you how relieved I was, I have been so worried about this girl, staying up at night just to make sure she is breathing okay. Its been kinda crazy and I finally feel like I can relax and just enjoy her.

 Here she is at 3 weeks hanging out in the wrap

 Happy Easter

 The Easter Bunny was trying to give Royce knuckles and Royce didn't want to touch him. LOl
James, Royce, Bella, Abrahm and a bunch of other unknown kids on the cougar at the BYU stadium in Provo. We went so the kids could participate in an egg hunt but we abandoned ship before it started there were way to many people and it was taking way to long to get started

 Shiloh in her Easter dress

One other thing we dealt with this first month was Shiloh's face. For some reason it got a little smushed when she was coming out. If you look at the picture above you can see that her left side is fuller than the right. I took her into a Cranio Orthodontist. He did a little head smushing and back adjusting now her face is much more symmetrical. I am little paranoid about this stuff because Bella had to get a helmet due to asymmetry of head. It was not only really expensive but also time consuming. The guy that fixed up Shiloh does it for free it the child is under four weeks (he usually charges $100 an hour) it took two appts. about 2 hours. His name is Michael Bridan and is located in Salt Lake. You can see in the pic below her face looks great!
 Shiloh at 4 weeks in her carseat

Ms. Shiloh at 5 weeks I am always amazed at how fast these tiny little babies grow. She doesn't feel like a newborn to me anymore. She smiles at us sometimes but mostly she still like to eat and sleep a lot. hurray for babies!

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