Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wild man Luke

Luke had his 5 year old checkup today. Here are his stats. He is 46in tall (93%) and 58lbs (100%). Developementally he is doing great. He is reading simple books, doing simple math, can swim and ride his bike. He LOVES playing with other kid and knows how to share. He has a great imagination and is constantly wanting stories to be read or told to  to him. He recently made a little book during school and today he confidently announced to the Dr. that he is an "author". He is a great helper especially with Royce who he adores. Sometimes I see him in the back seat of the car just playing games or talking to him. In his baby blessing James talked about him being a leader which he truely is especially with his siblings. Him and Bella are best friends. He loves to wrestle, swim and ride his bike. He has so much love and so much energy, sometimes its hard to keep up with. He is very loyal and loves his family especially his Grandmas and cousins. He is a good kid!

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