Thursday, October 6, 2011

Royce 9 month check up

We went in for Royce's 6 month checkup today and since he is already 8 months they did the 9 month one while we were there too. Here are his stats based off of 9 months old. Height 30in (97%) weight 21.15 (80%) head 18in (80%). He is a very active child, his eyes are always going, he is speed crawling around the house getting into anything and everything he can, some of his favorites are garbage cans and paper eating. He loves food! The other day for lunch her had a full nursing ate 1 large banana and half a cup of baby cereal. He is still incredibly cheerful he is always happy and just a joy to be around. He crawls to you and sits at your feet when he wants to be picked up. Responds to his name and will come to you if you say come here, he fully understands the meaning of the word milk and gets very excited of you ask him if he wants some. He can say mama and dada in the correct context, he also says bab and minimal a lot but I'm not sure if he know what that means. He is pulling himself up all over the place. One of his favorite things to do is play with Luke and follow him all over the house which Luke loves and initiates often. He has a total of 6 teeth. He is a snuggler and is sweeter and more precious to than words can explain. We thank heaven for him being part of our family.

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