Monday, October 3, 2011


I haven't posted much on homeschooling because to be honest things have just been going so fast lately I have barely had time to sit and think about it. I know we made the right choice for our family and for Luke and I also know that its not the right choice for everyone. Luke was a little resentful at first because all his closest friends started kindergarten this year and he thought they were going off to an all day playdate. We quickly clarified this when we had a pretend kindergarten at home where he sat at the kitchen table and had to pretend he was in real school and when I gently explained that going on work trips with daddy would be out of the picture he quickly announced he liked homeschool but he since argues that he is not a real kindergartener because he is homeschooled. Things have been good, we have had some ups and down but they are starting to level off as we get in the swing of things. I know I have said this before but I have and will still have to learn not to expect so much out of Luke. I sometime expect perfection and have to take two steps back and realize he is only 5, luckily (and unluckily for Luke) Bella and Royce benefit from these experiences. Right now our schedules are like this.

We have A days and B day and Fridays are early out day so we stop lessons after handwriting.

A day

  • Devotional 15min+
  • Chores 1 hour (more so I can accomplish things in the morning but he does help out with laundry, mopping, feeding the animals, dishes, bed making, ect.)
  • Phonics 15mins+
  • Reading (me reading to them) 30mins+
  • Snack
  • Math 15mins+
  • Handwriting 15mins+
  • Science 15min+
  • Music 15mins+
  • Lunch 30mins
  • Recess 30mins
  • Physical fitness 30mins+
B Day is the same but after handwriting we do
  • History 15mins+
  • Latin 15mins+
  • Lunch 30mins
  • Recess 30mins
  • Art 30mins+
This is the ideal and obviously its not going to be perfect. Despite my love of following a schedule it has been really nice to see Luke get really excited about a subject and being able to dive in. This afternoon he was really enjoying writing (which previously was a struggle) he sat at the table by his own will and practiced for an hour and half. Its great being able to be flexible with our studies and to let him really develop a love for learning. That has been one of my greatest hopes in homeschooling him. I just hope that I have the patience and inspiration to guide him the way he is suppose to go. I guess that is where prayer comes into play.

this is his activities chart he made during art today. As he accomplishes each task he moves the little straw that is on the yarn from the do side to the done. It helps me and him keep track of what he is suppose to get done.

We went on a field trip to the Zoo with another homeschooling family a few weeks ago, its really nice having people to relate with as we venture into this new realm. (Royce was stealing this babies cracker LOL the other kid wasn't to happy!)

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Becky Sorenson said...

Awesome! I'm glad things are going so well and you're getting into the swing of things. You are an amazing mom!! It was fun to read what your schedule typically looks like during school time.

I love the picture of Royce stealing the other baby's cracker :)