Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nursemaids Elbow FYI

One day back in July we were at the store and Bella was fascinated by the nail polish display after telling her several times not to touch it I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her, and POP. At first I thought she was crying because she was mad but within a minute or two I realized she was in pain. I did not have my cell phone (I had lost it) so I went over to the library to use theirs to call her pediatrician, but between listening to her scream and having tons of people stare at me I couldn't find the number so I just drove straight to the office. When I got there I took her in and they said without even looking at her that they couldn't help me and that I needed to go to Urgent care. When we got to urgent care they said (without even looking at her) they couldn't help and to go to the ER.

Urrrrrrrrrr, can I tell you at this point I almost started crying. My poor baby is screaming in pain with ever movement of her arm and putting her in and out of her car seat was excruciating. It got to the point where as soon as she had her arm in a position where it wasn't moving she would just fall asleep from exhaustion.

Finally at the ER the Dr. sees her and within two moves of her arm it pops back in place (something I could have done myself and will do if it ever happens again) and Bella is completely fine. The ER Dr. told me it is very common in kids under 5 because their ligaments have not tightened yet. Any nurse should should be able to pop it in place. At this point I was a little numb and just happy Bella was better.

Anyways I was very disappointed that day in the medical care we received. I mean seriously it just makes me sad that I couldn't even get one Dr. to take 2 sec to look at her arm before brushing me off and sending me somewhere else.

This was her after everything was better eating her Popsicle the Dr. gave her. She was such a brave girl, poor little thing!


Tracie said...

What an awful experience, can't believe those other doctors ignored her. Bad karma for them, bad bad bad. Glad she's okay now.

Dixons said...

Oh, girl! I'm so sorry! If it's an consolation, it happened to me THREE times when I was a kid. And,yes, my mom also went through the traumatic experience you had to endure! And I'm ok, don't remember a thing. :)