Sunday, September 5, 2010


Bella has been potty training and I told her once she got the hang of it she could get a kitten. Let me tell you I have never seen her more motivated. She would go in the bathroom and just sit on the toilet making all kinds of noises for up to a half hour. After about 4 days of no accidents we went over to the animal shelter and she picked herself out a kitten. We had to wait about 3 days to pick him up because of all the vet stuff needing to be done and it was a long weekend. Finally this past tuesday we picked him up. He is so sweet tempered. The kids are really rough with him and he doesnt seem to mind. When he gets sick of if he just hides. He has been sleeping in Bella's bed with her. She told me the other day that she is the mommy and Jasper is her baby. At the shelter picking out the kitten


Becky Sorenson said...

Yay for Bella being potty trained! That is awesome and the kitty is adorable too.

Tracie said...

She looks like a proud new mama, how completely adorable!

Jessie said...

Good job Bella! Love the kitten...too bad Brad is allergic to cats.