Thursday, September 23, 2010

Luke's Blast Ball

Luke started playing Blast Ball last week, it is a preschool version of softball. They hit a ball that is on a tee and run to a base that honks when they jump on it. The other team is trying to get the ball and hold it up in the air yelling "blast" before the kid reaches the base. Very simple.

Luke was really excited about this at first but I have to admit it went a little rocky last week.

The problem is that at this age skill level varies so much just in one year. I think its for kid 4 -5 so the kids who are 5 going on 6 are a little more cordinated at chasing and getting the ball. Luke got very frustrated along with quite a few other kids that they could never get the ball, so eventually Luke just gave up and said he didn't want to play anymore. So next weeks the coach i going to switch it up. All the kids are going to line up and take turns chasing and getting the ball so everyone has a chance. Lets cross our fingers and hope all goes well.

Either way look how cute he is in that baseball cap. My little man!

Serious face
Silly face!Run !!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathryn said...

That looks so fun!! Shoot if Luke isn't fast enough to get the balls there's no way Tyson would be able to. I'm signing him up for the spring season. I haven't decided Sanger or Denton; I'll have to look at prices. Lots of fun pics in your other posts; I haven't checked your blog in awhile.

Tricia said...

Love the update! I hope you are feeling better. Your kitchen is beautiful!!! Miss you guys!

Tracie said...

Oh my heck, he looks SO much old in the close up shot! That games sounds totally awesome, how fun!

Becky Sorenson said...

He looks so cute in his little hat! I've never heard of blast ball before, what a great idea.