Sunday, December 6, 2015

When will baby be here? 11-25-15

Dear Jonah,
These are the thought of your mother during the days before your birth.
So I was just looking back over my post when Shiloh and Jesse were born. Wow those memories get lost so fast and it is a lot of fun to look back and remember those things. I have been having a hard time finding things to do to past the time while I wait for baby. I am a bit of a busy body and I love going, going, going and to be honest my body just wont have it right now by about 2pm it has had it and it just hurts to walk plus contraction that come and go make it so I can't forget that hey I could have this baby anytime now or it could be a couple more weeks so really don't get to excited. LOL. Its actually kind of ironic, I have been here before and know once baby gets here it will all be water under the bridge but man alive you literally have to have constant positive thinking. One bad experience or negative thought can throw me off for the whole day. James and the kids are great. James is super patient with me and attentive to my needs, and the kids are such good examples to me of just being happy with whatever they have. I watch them play all day long happily with whatever they can find. James made Royce a bow this week out of a stick and some twine. You would have thought that he won the lottery and Shiloh painted my lamp today with some lipstick and proudly showed me her work. They are so great and so patient with my physical limitation. I have started to pay Bella money to do chores around the house I don't have energy for and I can't express my gratitude to her positive attitude and excitement about doing it and being able to save her money (she wants to buy a really expensive horse breed called Gypsy Vanner they cost like $10,000) James told her if she saves the full amount he will pay for half and the other half she can keep, very generous of him.

 My technical due date based off my last missed period was Nov 22nd, but I have long cycles and from when I calculate we actually conceived it should be closer to Nov 27-29th so if this baby goes over a couple weeks I could easily have a mid-December baby. I read an article that said you need to remember what you believed in during your 4th month of pregnancy during your last month and I honestly think my baby and body know when they are ready. I feel like God has a plan that science can't explain.My last three pregnancies have been over due and all three of those baby came out healthier than the ones that were early, everything from breastfeeding to recovery was easier, with Luke we had projectile vomiting and he was fussy, Bella had goopy eye or under developed tear ducts and a terrible latch which caused weeks of painful nursing. Obviously if there are any warning signs of something wrong with me or baby we will seek medical attention but I have to have faith and hope that waiting till I go into labor on my own is what is best for my little guy and that yes I physically may be uncomfortable and it is hard to be patient but like my Grandpa Henry used to say  "Don't give up what you want most for what you want now". What I want most is to do what is best for baby and I honestly feel like this is that for now is waiting. So little Jonah enjoy the womb we are in this together. xoxo

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