Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jonah William Mortensens Birth (TMI)

I never know where to start writing about the birth of my children. It seems like there whole pregnancy is just a continual story leading up to the birth. I guess I will start the night before he was born.

The evening of December 1st I started having regular contractions. I went to bed and they were approx 10 mins apart for a minute long. Throughout the night they woke me up on and off and were pretty consistent. I tried not to get to excited because I know from previous experience this could happen all night long and just stop the next day. In the morning they slowed down and spaced out, so we just went about our daily business. I took a nap around 2 and they completely stopped. I just kept telling myself this is good, your body is getting ready and in a week or two you will have a baby. Lol. At 5pm we took Luke to his basketball practice and went for a drive just to burn some time. James took me home dropped me off and we back to get Luke. The contractions had started again about 10 mins apart 1 min long again so I was bracing myself for another long night. We had dinner and at about 7pm I had a really strong contraction, I went to the bathroom and had lost my mucus plug. I thought hey maybe the baby will come in the next 24-48 hours like it happened with Shiloh.

At this point I asked James to get the kids in bed and I set up the bathtub for a relaxing bath with some candles and a book. I just sat in there and read while I had mild contractions for a while probably tell 8:30 or 9pm. James was taking care of some stuff and would come in and check on me. At one point he asked if I wanted him to call the midwife, I felt pretty good so I told him not to worry her yet. My actual midwife was out of town so it would just be her apprentice and another midwife that lived like 2hrs away. Well James snuck out and called her anyways which I guess is good and at some point he did tell me he called her. The midwife apprentice got here around  10ish and James set her up in the RV until we needed her. The actual midwife never made it. Jame was still in and out checking on me and I told him I thought that the contractions were getting stronger I had to put away my book and actually had  to focus and relaxing through them, I was using my hynobabies cds again but I found during this labor I liked just focusing on my own positive thoughts, I got out a couple time to use the bathroom tried laying on my bed and found that the bath was way more comfy so I got back in the water. At this point I have no conception of time. I was alone in the bathroom and I found that it made the contractions easier if I made deep noises, James came in and I heard Shiloh wake (probably because of my noises) and James shut her bedroom door. I was on hands and knees and laid back onto my back. At some point my sub conscience mind set in and I went through all the possible ways I could get away from doing this (I was starting to hit my threshold) I even thought maybe if I got out of the bathtub I could just leave and not have to do this anymore. It was just a quick thought but it made me laugh because I quickly realized the only way to make it go away was to push the baby out. I was hoping I was getting close so I reached down to check myself to how dialated I was and I felt what I thought was his head and I thought there is only one way for this to be over so I started pushing. After the next contraction the head felt a little wrinkly so I realized it was moving down the birth canal. The following contraction I pushed again and felt his head move almost all the way down and I was thinking yes almost there but when the contraction ended it slid back and I thought oh NO wrong way. So during the following contraction I pushed with all I had and I think this is the point where I heard James come in and I told him the head was almost out. He was shocked. It happened so fast but I could feel the tight skin around the babies head and did not want him to slide back in so I started stretching the skin and pushed in between the contraction and when the next one hit  his little head popped out. James reach down and held his head (he was still under the water) and I think James got a little concerned because the rest of baby did not just slide out. I remember still being quite uncomfortable but not alarmed, James said something like "we need to get the rest of him out" and then next contraction came and he popped out. I pulled him up onto my stomach. He looked perfect but had not taken his first breath. I told James to go get the midwife now so he ran out, while he was gone the baby made his first cry and I knew everything was fine.( Looking back now I realize that during delivery it didn't even cross my mind that James wasn't in the room I was to focused on my instinct of delivering the baby to care). I sat marveling at baby for a while and the fact that I wasn't pregnant anymore, then finally got out and delivered the placenta. Got in bed with baby and nursed him. I hadn't torn so no stitches. He looked so small to me I kept thinking there is no way he is more that 8lbs but they weighed him and he was 9lb 12oz 22in long his head is 14in and chest measured 15in. He is a big healthy boy. Born December 2,2015 at 10:30pm

 I am very grateful for how smooth the recovery has been and that my milk is finally in so baby boy is not so hungry and sleeping better. I am so grateful for James and how helpful and attentive he has been. I am grateful for his job. It has been pretty crazy trying to juggle a newborn and five other kids, Especially Shiloh and Jesse. They love their little brother but don't know boundaries so we have to keep a constant eye on little one. Tomorrow is James first day back to work and I am excited and terrified to go it alone. I am sure everything will work out wonderfully. xoxoxo

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