Thursday, December 12, 2013

November has come and gone and we have moved AGAIN!

November was a busy month in the Mortensen home but we still managed to have some fun. I don't have a lot of pictures this month because somehow I packed up my charger for my camera and it died about half way through November. I just found it yesterday.

We still have our tradition of Friday movie night. We try to keep the peace by letting the kids take turns picking out the movie.
Even Jesse (Abrahm) has gotten in on the action although he rarely sits through the whole movie.

Fall in Utah is beautiful! We enjoyed walks in the park and feeding the ducks.
 Royce likes the duck and the ducks like Royce (until he starts chasing them).
 Abrahm has taken a fancy to slides. He has mastered the art of going down backwards. When he lands  at the bottom he always has a huge grin:)

 My mom was babysitting and Jesse was having a hard time getting to sleep so she just let him hang out with her. Eventually he fell asleep on the couch like this.

I dont have any pictures yet but we have officially sold the mobile palace and bought a home in Pleasant Grove. It is a great little brick cottage but was/is a little dated so we have been renovating. We still have a lot to do but I plan to write about some of projects so look forward to that.

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