Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Girl! Bella has turned 6!

( I love the outfit she is wearing because it defines her personality, she is so sweet, beautiful, sensative and creative. Yet athletic, wild and crazy) Love you Bell!

It has been six years since this lovely creature joined our family here on earth. I wanted to record the story of her entrance into the world since I started this blog after she was already born.

 Bella was due to be born on Christmas day 2007. I felt bad her birthday would be so near Christmas but it would work out well since James and I were in school and we both had finals the Monday the 10th thru Friday the 14th. We would finish our finals have a weeks or so to get ready then Betty, Marc and Sonya would arrive for Christmas. Just in time for her arrival.  
Bella had other plans. On Friday Dec 8th I was having regular contractions. They were not strong but consistent. I went to the hospital birthing center only to get sent home an hour later. The contractions continued all weekend and I remember just feeling ready for her to come especially during church on Sunday where people were making all kinds of comment about how large I was. 
Sunday night the contractions just kept coming. I was taking a bath at about 2 in the morning and  they got to the point where they were about 5 minutes apart, so I woke James up and told we should probably head to the hospital again (We were both nervous about it because we didn't want to get sent home again). James cousin was living across the hall from us so we gave her the monitor for Luke and   headed out.
When we got checked into the the hospital my midwife Lisa (who was so awesome!) met us and checked my cervix. I was dilated to a 4. She asked about my pain and I was okay but things were getting stronger and I didn't know how much more I could handle so she ordered the epidural they put it in. Then she wanted to break my water. At this point we were had been there about 45 minutes. She went to break my water and she was shocked she said "um okay you are about a 9" after she broke my water and Bella immediately started down the birth canal. I had only just gotten the epidural and it had only started to work a little so I could still feel a lot and I was handling it okay so I asked them to turn it off. Which they did. After about 10-15 minutes Bella crowned. The midwife helped her head and her shoulders out . Then the midwife grabbed my hands put them under Bella's arms and I myself delivered the rest of her . I pulled her straight out and laid her on my chest. She was so calm just looking around and was checking out this new world. James was of course awesome and super supportive and a little bit in awe that his wife had just delivered her own baby. I remember just looking at her and the first thing I noticed was her perfect little ski slope nose. James and I were both in awe at her perfect face it was like a porcelain doll. She was and still is so beautiful. 
We tried to get a couple hours of sleep. We had an awesome hospital room in Laguna beach California. I remember when the sun came up we had a beautiful view of the ocean and I just couldn't stop looking at my little girl. She was a good eater and sleeper from the very beginning. 
After we had a little breakfast. James being the trooper he is packed up his backpack and headed to school to take his finals. He might have had 3 hours of sleep. We didn't have any family in town except Jesse who was taking care of Luke and her two little girls so no visitors came, and Bella and I just hung out and snuggled and got to know each other. James came to the hospital after school and we were released to go home. Luke was in bed already when we arrived home but I was so excited for him to meet his little sister I think I woke him up. He held her for like a second then pushed her away. He was indifferent to her. Which is totally normal since he was only 16 months. Betty was amazing and flew out the next day. She drove me up to take my final on Wednesday the 12th and waited in the car with Bella while I did. People thought I was crazy but I had already studied for it and hated the idea of postponing it and having to study again.
 I loved having a baby girl. She had soooooo many clothes, shoes, girlie blankets and headband she never even wore them all. Oh and she was almost completely bald until she was two, it drove me nuts because I just wanted to do her hair.
So that is how our Bella arrived and she is still making grand and dramatic entrances everywhere she goes. She is so very creative. Her mind just goes and goes all day long. Today she was in my bedroom with a rag and bowl of water washing the wall. When I asked what she was doing, "she told me she was making my walls shiny and pretty". lol. She had a fun birthday with cousins and family. My mom gave her some finger paints. Her and the boys spent a couple hours today playing with them. Pictures below
 First just Bella was painting

 Then one by one all of them got in on the action

 Jesse had 2 first today. He finger painted and he also went out and play the snow today.

 I have about 20 pictures drying in my kitchen right now.

 When Royce gets bored this is usually where he ends up

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