Sunday, February 10, 2013

Royce's 2nd Birthday

Roy had his 2nd Birthday Jan 27, 2013. James and I are so happy to be this sweet boys parents, he blesses our lives and are excited for each new day with him.
He has grown and changed so much in the past year. 

2 year old Royisms:
  • Royce loves to play, play and play. He is creative and likes to dress up in household item, especially the colander which he uses as a hat and the pop corn popper lid which becomes a shoe.
  • He still loves milk, bottles and smoothies. He is not a big eater. He doe have quite the sweet tooth and seeks out and devours anything with sugar. We know when Royce is hungry because he starts tearing apart the pantry and the fridge.
  • He is good with balls and likes kicking and throwing them, he can catch them pretty well too, he is also an excellent climber. His favorite place to sit is on the kitchen table.
  • He loves playing with his siblings. He and Luke wrestle and he likes to swipe Bella's toys just to get a good reaction.
  • Roy is a man on a mission! He really enjoys having tasks to accomplish. He goes into a zone when he is in the process of doing something.
  • He loves being snuggled. He always comes for a hug and kiss when he gets hurt (physically or emotionally).
  • Everybody loves Royce, what can we say but the kids got charisma.

We took them swimming at James Uncle Rons house with cousin Jessie and Brad and their kids the afternoon before his b-day. 

Sunday was Royce's birthday. We gave talks in church that afternoon and it was an experience to remember. Luke and Bella were doing an intermission song ( "I Am a Child of God") between James and I speaking so they were up on the stand with us. We thought they would have total stage fright and sit quietly in their seat. We were wrong! They were squirmy and wiggly while I was talking they both stood up right next to me and started playing with things Bella even started dancing at one point lol! They did end up singing the song and it was so sweet to see how brave they were. We loved it, but we also learned something that day.
After church my Mom and James sister Heather and her family came over for a little party.

My healthy version of an Elmo cake :)

These sweet brown eyes kill me

Cousins! and my Mom
 Opening presents

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