Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Happenings

Anyone up for a game of surprise ring around the Rosy? (scroll down to see surprise)
 Best Friends

Surprise Roy is buck naked! 

We are often finding him running around with no clothes on lately

Brahm cute face! has been food stalking for a few weeks now so we started giving him little tastes of food and he LOVES it! He reminds me of Luke the way he eats

 When we lived in TX the kids would stand on the porch when James would leave for work and wave good bye. Now they sit on the couch and watch him go each morning. They love there Daddy and anxiously await his return.

 Brahms favorite place to be is anywhere on me so I have taken to strapping him on so I can get stuff done. I love this wrap, it takes a little time to get it on but it is the most comfy carrier I have used.

LOL! Roy came upstairs dressed like this and growling. 

 Our Heart snowflakes the kids made these.

backyard sledding. Mom had the idea to shovel a sledding hill in our backyard. The kids loved it! Especially Roy
Everyone else had gone in and he wanted to just go over and over again. Our little wild man.

We went to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with Grandpa yesterday (a good time was had by all)

Roy trapped in the stroller playing some drums.

Sand and Water Table
(Roy has a tendency to just take off sometimes at one point we thought when he was playing with this he just took off and I found at the entrance to the museum. He was easy to spot because he had on the black apron) You have to keep a close eye on this one!

Bella was board at first until she came upon the creative activities like the dinosaur making and sand and water table. She thrives off of creating things.

 Luke loved the museum and was just excited the whole time, asking all kinds of good questions.

 Happy Baby!

 This is what we do with runaway 2 year olds! Feed em to the Sharks

 We caught Grandpa Marc by surprise.

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Kathryn said...

Oh so fun! I love the stage Royce and Blake are in! They are full of life and fun. The pic of you and Abrahm is so cute!