Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Bella Dear (5 Years old!)

 Bella turned 5 on Dec 10th! We had her big birthday the day before which was also Abrahms blessing. I can hardly believe this sweet little girl is 5. I have very vivid memories from when I was 5 so its crazy for me to realize my daughter is at that stage in her life.

Three things about Bella that we love (by Luke)
1. She is my sister and I love her
2. Very pretty
3. And she is special

Three things about Bella that we love (by Daddy)
1. How sweet and kind she is.
2. How thoughtful she is
3. She has a beautiful singing voice 

Three things about Bella that we love (by Mommy)
(how can I pick just 3)
1. She is so creative constantly making beautiful things and sharing them with everyone around her.
2. She is my baby girl, I feel so blessed and grateful that my Heavenly Father trusted her to me.
3. I love how much she loves little baby Abrahm and the constant love and affection she shows to him.

 Above she is wearing the Birthday hat and below she is opening her present which was just what she wanted a swimming mermaid doll.

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