Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Abrahm is 4 months

He is quite the little wiggly worm these days. I have not officially seen him roll over yet but am sure he could if he wanted to (and if he didnt hate being on his stomach so much). I have however noticed him moving around in his crib and on the floor ( I leave him in one spot and come back to find him somewhere else) and some how he fell off the love seat today(probably courtesy of Royce). He arches his back and puts up his arms up  when he wants to be picked up. He loves! getting his diaper changed and giggles when I do it. He loves Luke and Bella but cringes when Roy gets close to him. He likes James okay but definitely prefers me.

He is still very mild and calm but has developed minor mommy separation issues which I really don't mind because I  have like keeping him nearby. His has picked one blanket as his favorite and gets very excited when I give it to him. It's a white soft one we got when Luke was a baby but haven't used much. His eyes are very active and I have a feeling in a few month when he gets mobile we are going to have another busy boy. He has started using his hands much more. He grabs things and puts the in his mouth and be have been putting him in the exersaucer or high chair for short amounts of time.

What else can I say but that he is great!

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