Monday, July 25, 2011

We Love Texas

Last Year I was cursing Texas, the chiggers and the heat just about did me in. This year we are loving it! I love the heat because that means we get to go swimming (and since I am not pregnant I don't want to throw up every time I walk outside) we love the Lake beach, we love the splash pads and water parks and we love hanging out with our friends!

This is the little water park in Lewisville perfect for kids Luke and Bella's age and cheap to get into
Royce being his sweet little self. He is so content hanging out and just being with our family.

There has been lots of reading going on. Luke has a goal to read 100 books (just simple books, like Bob books) and then he writes the title in his notebook. When gets to 100 mommy is going to take him to the Lego Land discovery center. He currently is at 9 and it has been 2 weeks. And when Bella learns her alphabet and sounds of the letters she gets to go. They are both very excited.

Our garden has been producing. Unfortunately the squash plants have all been destroyed between the vine borers and the dogs they didn't have a chance. We did have a surprise crop of Cantaloupe which grew from the compost we mixed in. We have gotten at least a dozen thus far and they are still growing like crazy.

Luke has discovered blocks and is enjoying creating all different types of structures. He gets sad when it is time to put them away so I sometimes take pictures of them for him to remember.

We went swimming with some friends and the kids were doing so good. Just from being in the water a couple times a week this summer both of them have learned to swim. There is a video of it at the bottom of this post. At the beginning of the summer Bella wouldn't even put her head under water. I didn't push any thing with either of them and they just figured it out! It make water activities so much more enjoyable knowing they are comfortable in the water.

Bella's new Ariel tulle dress. I made it in less than an hour and its a fun little dress up skirt.

Here are the instructions

Poor Royce doesn't have any clothes (He has 5 outfits that's it) and since it has been so warm and he seems to just spit up on everything I don't bother getting him dressed most of the time, so we have started calling him our little BamBam

Royce was cracking up at Bella swing, this is at Ray Roberts State Park.
They are swimming. This pool was about 10 feet deep. So awesome!

Luke loves learning and its a treat for him to have me teach him things he just loves it and has started within the past month or so reading these types of simple books.

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