Friday, July 15, 2011

Wall Stencil

So I really wanted to put this saying on my wall and just didnt have the money to get a vinyl lettering so I had to resort to other methods. I decided to make my own wall stencil. It took a total of about four hours to make and get up on the wall and I really like the way it turned out plus I was able to customize the paint which I couldn't have gotten with the vinyl
I started by printing out and taping together what I wanted
I got some freezer paper and taped it together so it would fit the words.
Then I traced the letters onto the paper (which is easy with freezer paper)
I then cut out the letters with a exacto knife (this was the most time consuming part, I think there is probably an easier way)
I taped and centered the lettering
(I had to make sure it was where I wanted because there is really no turning back!)
I sponged on the paint (I used a cotton ball). I used black and then radomly sponged on gold. I think it turned out nice and I saved the stencil so if I ever need it again I have it.

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