Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Storm Warning

It is tornado season so James bought a weather radio. It has an alarm that goes off if there are any severe weather warnings in our area. I have talked with the kids and explained to them if they hear the siren or alarm that they need to go to our storm closet (food storage room) so they can be safe. This afternoon the weather radio alarm went off for a severe thunderstorms (not a big deal). Luke was very concerned about a tornado so I told him it was just a thunder storm and just we needed to stay inside till it was over. A couple minutes later I noticed that the house was silent and the children were not to be found. Then I heard whispering in the storm closet. I went in and found the 2 munchkins hanging out, so I asked what they were doing. Luke responded "I thought I would come in here just to be safe". Poor kid he is scared half to death about tornados.

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Kathryn said...

Tyson was worried about that hail today too. He asked if we needed to go hide in the bathroom. Poor kids.