Friday, December 10, 2010

September Update

It was free day at the Air and Science Museum in Dallas. Its was a little bit of a drive but definately worth it. We will be back again. Luke in an old school airplane

I love those boots! Cute girl.

The volunteer asked Luke if he wanted to drive the helicopter, he got nervous and refused until Bella piped up and declared she did, then he hurriedly climbed in as well.

Jasper being a totally silly kitten

Hiking at the lake, and yes that is Oscar he has gotten huge!

Luke found this mushroom and was really excited. He said it looked like a face. Silly kid!

Making wishing wands


I was reading a book and it was all about being creative with your kids and it suggested putting up a creativity line for your kids artwork. Here is ours its hanging in the kids bedroom.

Preschool Fieldtrip to the Fire House. These firemen were so awesome!

Woo Hoo! Driving the fire truck
The whole crew

Luke checking out the fire suit
Bella making sure her baby is safe and sound at the fire station after she lost it.

At the end of September me and James went on a trip for 4 day to Ohio for my sisters wedding. Lots of fun but I sure did miss my kids like crazy!

Above is the bride my sister Michelle

and Below

is my handsome nephew Jackson

There is the baby bump I think I was about 26 weeks here. I was standing in the gardens at kirkland. You probably can't tell but it was raining

The kirkland temple. We went on a tour through it, definately a weird experience. Not as spiritual as I thought it would be.

Luke and his Halloween costume. I think he chased Bella around in this thing for about an hour after we gave it to him.

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