Friday, December 10, 2010

October Mass update

October was full of fun for us!
Luke and Charlie our pumpkin mascot this year.

Flowers for mommies birthday

We had so much fun at the Pumpkin Patch we went twice this year!

Bella is in love with mermaids so she was very excited to see Ariel there

The good ole' meri-go-rounds, they dont have these anymore but the kids loved it!

Going out to dinner with dad in our princess dress

This was the second pumpkin patch trip with Luke's Preschool
(king of the haystack)

Pumpkin heads

Luke had his 4 yr check up this fall and he is still at the top of the charts weighing in at 50lbs and
3ft 9in

His last blastball game. They all got trophies, so cute!
Preschool Halloween Party!
Trunk or Treat
Luke has moved on from Thomas the Train, his new obsessions are Dinosaurs and Space.

When I asked Bella what she wanted to be for Halloween she said, " a sparkly pink princess" this was the outcome. I also decided to waste a bunch of time and crocheted her that pumpkin treat bag. It turned out cute but very time consuming.

Cleaning up the aftermath of the Trunk or Treat

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