Sunday, August 29, 2010

He's 4!

Happy Birthday little boy! My baby is four. Time has slipped by. He had his actually b-day in Ca with all his cousin. Unfortunately James missed it :( but we did have a little birthday party for him before we left Tx.
We went to Sprinkles in NewPort, its famous for its delicous cupcakes and ours were free because we knew the secret word. I love free stuff!
(dessert 1)
For Lunch we stopped at Ruby's diner. Yummy hamburgers.

(Emma, Brenn, Hannah, Heather, Josh, Luke and Cameron)

This is James cousin Josh who Luke just happens to extremely like.

The boys

Free Sunday
(Dessert 2)

Party at Linda lane where Luke had Dessert 3, 4 and possibly 5. I lost count.

Luke and his first love Tori

This was the early birthday we had for him with James before we took off to Ca.



Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

Sonya said...

Sara & James - it's nice to hear that the tradition of off-key singing for birthday's continues on....that was awesome! Love you guys!

Kathryn said...

hahaha I love the picture of him looking starstruck up at Tori!! So funny! Happy Birthday Luke!