Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vasaline in da hair

So I found out back in October that its probably not a good idea to sleep in after your children wake up. Even if you think they are just playing happily in their bedroom.
Now their hair looks a funky not because of some fun styling product but because while I was blissfully enjoying my late wake up my children had located the Vaseline which I had stored in the drawer of the changing table. You think oh what a bummer, I guess you have to wash their hair. No, no, no these pictures are what their hair looked like after I washed it 3X. I then decided to get creative and googled how to remove Vaseline from hair. We tried corn starch, Dish soap, oil (luckily Luke was my happy test subject) finally peanut butter is what got it out. Who would have thought. Anyways just last week Bella got a hold of a girls chap stick at the gym daycare and we had a similar situation but I was prepared this time!



Tracie said...

LOL! With the shampoo Lukes hair looks like a silver tinsel wig!

Dixons said...

LOVE these pics. I'm sure I have all sorts of fun things to look forward to! ;)

Rachelle said...

Love the update! The photo of Luke eating the peanut butter (a.k.a. Vasaline remover) in the tub made me belly laugh! Miss you guys! I'm going to have to steal a few of those Halloween and girls' night out photos!