Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Second Birthday Baby Girl ( Under the Sea Style )

Bella turned two and the lucky girl got 2 birthday parties. A small one with the fam on her actual birthday and big party the following Sat. Below is her receiving a present from her Grandma Betty. She was so excitedDolls, Dolls and more Dolls. That night she even forfeited her Baby Horsey (which she has had attached to her hip since birth) so that she could sleep with all of her dolls.

I asked Bella in early Dec what type of party she wanted to have and I was actually slightly shocked when she responded that she wanted a Mermaid party (I was totally obsessed with Mermaids when I was a child). I have a few things that my mom had saved from my childhood that help with the decor.
We had bubbles, a lagune filled with stuffed animals. I dressed the kids up for fun, making Bella an Ariel tutu dress and when I asked Luke what he wanted to dress up like for the party (thinking he would say something like a shark or octopus) he said "I want to be prince Eric". What party would be complete without friends. This is baby Eli with his dad Jake.

The kids played pin the tail on the Mermaid and won prizes ( I let the little ones cheat with no blind fold)
Tyson showing us his skills
Good try buddy!

I made my first pinata. Unfortunately I made it super tough and ended up having to crack it open with the brute strength of my foot.
Go Craig!

This pic is funny cause it looks like Flounder is trying to get away.


Joanna said...

This party was so fun. Happy second birthday Bella!

Tracie said...

you're so creative, how cute!

Petefam said...

You are just the cutest mom! Looks like a fun party! I wish I would have thought to get some ideas from you for Em's party, but I will just have to make do with my ideas!

Kathryn said...

That was so fun and cute and creative. I love the pinata pics. lol

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

shari berry bo-berry said...

that party sounds so fun!!!! wish we could have been there! :(

p.s. I am so jealous of your cool piano!!!!!!!!!!!