Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Potty training Jesse

So we have been on and off again potty training Jesse. I have lacked the motivation and energy to do it. This morning he was running around naked and goes Mom I have to poop, he ran in the bathroom and took care of business. I realized then that the only reason he is not potty trained is because of my lack of commitment.

Funnies incidents:

This afternoon I told Jesse it was time to go make a pee on the potty, he responded with "Yes Master I will be happy too"! and ran in the bathroom and peed. (we have been trying to train our kids for years that when we ask them to do something to respond with "Yes, Mam or Sir I will be happy too". It loos like we now have our own little Igor.

He refer to his private parts as his "pirate parts". lol

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