Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Mortensen Cousin Reunion

James is having a blast this weekend down in San Clemente, CA and although the kids and I miss him, I think its awesome that his family does this. Its such a cool opportunity to just go and get away from everyday responsibilities and be a kid again with people you love.

Him being out of town is good for me, it helps me appreciate exactly how much I adore this man so while its fresh in my mind I thought I would list those things here. (Not that I dont appreciate him when he is here but it getslost sometimes in the daily routine)

  • First of all he is really ridiculously handsome!
  • He is a diligent provider for my children and me, It actually humbles me to think of how unselfish he is.
  • He is eternally patient and calm.
  • He is loving and tender with me and the children (most nights he lays in bed with at least one child till he or she falls asleep.
  • He tells really good bedtime stories.
  • He consistently backs me up in my role as mother and homemaker.
  • He is really brave  which is something I hope wears off on me.
  • He honors his priesthood and is just a good person.
  • He has some amazing talents that impress me every time he uses them (playing the piano, writing anything, public speaking, ect...)
  • One of the most amazing things to me is that he loves me the way I am, with all my faults.
  • He make me feel valued and beautiful. Thanks babe!
James saying good-bye to the kids at the St. George airport.

 The kids saying adios to Dad.

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