Sunday, February 9, 2014

Luke Funny and Royce sweetheart

Luke has become known as "Captain Literal" because everything we say he takes literally which is comical and frustrating at times.

Tonight at dinner Bella says just to be silly "Oh no there is tsunami coming"!
My response was "That would be pretty crazy since we are not near any water". 
This is when Luke piped in with "Captain Literal speaking, if were not near any water whats in my cup". 
I just started laughing. I thought it was just a joke between James and I but I guess Luke has heard us saying it and figured out what it means.

Also at dinner
Royce randomly says "I want to hold baby". 
I responded "She will be here soon".
Royce than giggles a little and says "Okay I love her so much".

I am a excited and a little scared for baby girl. When we brought Abrahm home we could not leave him in Royce's presence unattended for a second because he just loved hime so much he would try to pick him up and hold him (he was 20 months). Now that he is 3 he is much smarter and bigger but very independent so anything could happen, good thing angels watch over these children.

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