Sunday, November 4, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 part 1 (Utah Trip)

We loaded up the van the weekend after forth of July and headed out to Utah. Here are the kids all excited to see friends and cousins!

 The first Sunday we were there we went to blessing of Little Jake. He is James little brother John's new baby boy.
Grandma and Grandpa Mortensen

Uncle James with baby Jake
 While we were in Utah Bella, Royce and I all got really sick so we avoided family a little as not to infect them and went on some solo outings. Here we are at Bridal Veil Falls

I think I am about 7 months pregnant here, lol so huge

Luke took this pic at Cafe Rio

 The next Day we went up to Sundance went on the lift and then did a mile long hike. Yah we wont be doing that again anytime soon. I will just say James and I enjoyed but no one else did.

That evening we went over to Jessie's (James cousins and my really good friend) for some pizza swimming and socializing

 Uncle John and cousin Brooklyn
 From left to right we have Kate, Royce, Brynna, Maren, Jane, Luke, Bella and Emma

Jessie and I, I love this girl!

Yay for Cow Appreciation day! You can beat free food and a person dressed like a giant cow. Bella kept going up and hugging it.

These were Luke's contribution to pictures on the trip, he took these while we were out on a date one night. 


Emma and Brynna
 Grandpa Marc


Aunt Heather, Luke and Bella

Grandma Betty

The next Sunday we skipped the last to hours of church and went to see temple square

The first week we were there we stayed at James sisters house. The last week we were there James had to fly back to Dallas and me and the kids went to stay at my sister Heathers house. Of course she had Golden Retriever puppies! So cute and Bell could not get enough of them.

Underneath the pile of kids behind Royce is my Dad, Grandpa George. We had a group early birthday party for some of the kids including Luke.

Cousin Hailey, Luke and Dylan

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