Thursday, October 4, 2012

Abrahm is 3 weeks!

Our sweet baby is three weeks! He is getting sweeter and cuter each day, he has been smiling more, is much more Allert and less cross eyed. Still sleeping and eating well, he has been my little snuggle bug and at night his favorite place is right next to mama. The kids love him, Bella and Luke help out so much! Holding him and comforting him. Roy is learning his limits and how to be soft but still loves the baby and gets excited whenever he is in the room. I Feel like I am getting the hang of four kids, I have moments but really newborns sleep so much that I am able to accomplish most of what I need to each day, when I don't I just count it as a blessing that I got to take extra time out to care for my sweet babies.

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shari berry bo-berry said...

such a cutie pie! i wish i could hold and snuggle him!!!