Friday, September 14, 2012

Abrahm's Birth

We had a wonderful birthing experience with Abrahm and it has a lot to do with a really awesome hypnosis program we used called Hynobabies, I can't say enough good things about it. Not only did it help me stay calm and focused during birthing but it really helped me stay positive and upbeat during my pregnancy. Here is how it went.

We got to the hospital Wednesday morning at 6am (we had some wonderful people in our ward watching our kids). They checked me, I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. Dr. Cummings came in at 7am and broke my water. We all expected things to just take off from there like they did with Royce, lol, they didn't...

I had been having light pressure waves (contractions) on and off early Sunday morning and that's how things kinda stayed all week and even after they broke my water. James and I just walked around, listened to music, and talked. It was actually really nice to just have some time together and to collect our thoughts.

At 2pm they checked me I was at a stretchy 4 and 80% effaced. The Dr. came in and said that I could keep waiting it out but at some point he was going to offer me something to speed things up.

Right before 4pm they wanted to give me my 3rd dose of penicillin (I was group b pos) and I decided that two doses in one day was probably enough and asked if I could skip this one. The Dr. came in and said that was fine (did I mention I love my Dr.) but that he wanted to try something to get things moving. I had never had any drugs to induce labor so I was super nervous. The Dr. was comforting and we decided to try applying a small dose of cytotech to my cervix to soften it up. Man did that work!

They had me in bed for an hour to monitor me and I had a few medium pressure waves but I could tell things were changing (finally!) At 5pm I got up and decided to take a shower. James turned on my Hynobabies cd and went in the other room. I really liked being in the warm shower and being able to be in different positions during this time.

After 45 mins I got out of the shower and could tell the pressure was getting stronger so I had a couple pressure waves on the toilet and decided to try using my birthing ball (exercise ball) I went into the room still completely calm and collected had a couple pressure waves on the ball when I felt a little pushy. I got on the bed in childs pose and started making noise (which I think took James by surprise because till this point I had been silent). I knew I was at the point where the baby needed to come out because I had hit my threshold. I asked James to have a nurse come check me.

 I turned to lay on my side and during the next pressure wave I started pushing and felt Abrahm coming down. I immediately hit the call button agian and told the nurses he was coming out. They came running I pushed through the next pressure wave on my side while the nurses were coming in, in between the wave the nurse checked and said "yes I feel his head" call the Dr. I started pushing again in-between the waves (because I was ready to be done).

I could feel his head moving down (It was pretty amazing), the nurses were still prepping and kinda chaotically running around and calling more nurses. James was standing next to me and as the babies head slid out he held it and supported it. The nurse got in there at this point and I flipped onto my back and put the back of my bed up. Right about then the Dr. comes running in wearing workout clothes and all sweaty (he had been in the gym running). The babies shoulders were stuck and the nurses didn't know what to do, the Dr. jumped in (he didn't even have gloves on, lol) shifted my hips just barely and out popped baby. I just sighed in relief. It felt so good to have him out (born at 6:05pm).

Abrahm was all blue and completely calm, the Dr. started suctioning him got him to cry a bit and then handed him over. It was an overwhelmingly joyful moment, I think James was a little shocked it all happened so fast and he was trying to get stuff out to take picture and record the moment. I felt so good after! I didn't even feel uncomfortable when the placenta delivered or while they cleaned me up. I held the baby for a while tried to nurse, and finally let them weigh him. I guessed he would be 8 and 1/2 lbs. Boy was I shocked when they said 10lb 4oz. I never thought I would have a baby that big!

They gave him back to me and after a couple more tries he latched on. He is definitely a good nurser! and hungry boy!

The nurse  monitored us for 2 hours after delivery and we checked out and went home. Luke and Bella were still up and over joyed to meet there new baby brother! We had a little family time and continued on the have a restful nights sleep.


Alisha said...

Congratulations Sara! You are seriously a champ for delivering such good sized babies all natural! He is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

shari berry bo-berry said...

that was really cool to read the whole story! thanks for sharing! i have never heard of hypnobabies, but i am totally doing that next time! i cannot believe you birthed a 10 pounder so easily! i am jealous...but super proud of you! go girl! i cannot belivev you went home 2 hours later. you are really brave! congratulations!! LOVE YOU!!!