Thursday, August 23, 2012

The laundry party

So since we got back from vaca some of my house hold duties have been difficult to catch up on. One of them is folding the laundry, it gets cleaned just not put away sooooooooooo last night after dinner I declared it a folding party and our whole family help sort and put away the laundry. The kids really got into it and by the end Bella was folding and refolding the towels. She made a mommy very happy comment by saying " Mommy folding laundry is fun! Can we do it again"? lol and again today I was washing some bedding and she asked if we could have another folding party. At first we were having a little bit of a hard time keeping Royce from making his own sorting piles but we quickly solved that by trapping him in a tall stand up laundry sorter with his "Bobo" or favorite brown blanket. He just hung out in there for like half an hour playing peek a boo.

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