Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We're okay

The kids and I made it to our hotel safe. They are asleep and I am relaxing a bit. As I am, I am realizing what a reality check what happened today was. The Tire didn't go flat it explosively shredded, so much that it ripped half the bottom driver side panel off, which the AAA guy fixed with some plastic ties so it wouldn't flap around the rest of the way to Texas. Just last week I took the van in to get it serviced and replaced 2 tires. I know our heavenly father is watching over us and answering our prayers for safety. I am grateful for that. When I replaced the two tires last week a gentleman in line suggested it was best to put the new tires in the front (its standard to put the new tires in back), I agreed to his suggestion. Now thinking about it with the van being front wheel drive thing could have turned out differently if the tire that blew out was in the front. (the rear driverside blew out).I was going 75 miles per hour.  I sometimes forget how fragile this journey in life is. It prompts me to cherish ever minute. Especially with my sweet husband and children. I was so focused tonight on getting the situation taken care of that I took for granted the moments I was spending with my kids. They are so precious, more than I can say. I am grateful to know we are a family forever. I hope we all have safe and joyful journeys.


Becky Sorenson said...

Glad you're ok! That is scary...I've never had a tire blow out before.

shari berry bo-berry said...

wow, just read this! i had no idea you were traveling... I'm glad you're OK! that is really scary!