Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mortensen Family Guidelines

I made this for family home evening tomorrow night. I hoping that organizing these and explaining them to the kids it will help them know more fully what we expect of them. I also intend to focus on one guideline a week during morning devotional. I am also going to print this off and put it in the kitchen.

Mortensen Family Guidelines

Listen to Mother and Father and Obey

Nice Hands and Happy Faces (never kick, hit or push)

Use manners and respect others belongings

Choose to do right (even if no one is watching)

Praise others (No name calling or gossiping)

Admit when you have done something wrong

Have fun and be enthusiastic (Thanks God for his blessings!)

Be aware of Others and look for ways to serve them

Think pure thoughts
Do not throw things
No yelling

Play with one toy or activity at a time (share)

Do your best to keep your surroundings neat/clean and organized

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