Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luke Moments

Here are a few memories I don't want to forget.

1- I was dropping Luke off at preschool. As Luke is getting out of the car Bella says in a sweet voice "Have a good day Luke". Luke walks about 10 ft from the car, looks at me, and declares " I need to give my sister a kiss goodbye". He runs back to the car, crawls in and gives Bella a big kiss on the lips and then leans over and kisses Royce on the head.

(The following preschool day I dropped Luke off and got back in the car. Bella is super sad and says "Mommy, Luke forgot to kiss me goodbye.")

2- We were driving home from soccer and Luke was really tired and whining in the back seat. I said "Luke if you want to talk to me you need to use your big boy voice, right now you are using your baby voice." He starts talking agian in his whining voice, mid-sentence he clears his throat and immediately starts using his normal voice. Lol!

3- One of Lukes jobs is to help Daddy scoop the dog poop. Tonight I went out to play soccer with the kids. To my shock Bella was bottomless. I looked at them with a puzzled face and asked "What are you guys doing?" Luke response " Um Bella went pee in the bushes." (which is somewhat normal). Then he adds " and I made a poop on the grass." He points at it (right in front of the swing set). I looked at him with a disgusted face and asked "why?" His response was "I thought you could just scoop it up".
So funny and yet so nasty!


Sonya said...

Sara, those stories made me laugh out loud...seriously funny!!

Becky Sorenson said...

I cannot stop laughing at these stories, especially the pee/poop one! What cute, cute kids!!