Monday, April 25, 2011

kitchen talk

I was in the kitchen making breakfast. Both the kids were in there with me. I was overhearing them talk.
Bella leans over and strokes Luke's hair and in a sappy voice says "I Love you Luca"
Luke "Thank you Bella"
Bella " When we grow old and get big your going to marry me"
Luke "No Bella, someday you will meet a wonderful handsome man and you will marry him, not me."
Bella (Still in a sappy calm voice) "No someday you'll marry me"
Luke " I will meet a beautiful girl someday and marry her and you will meet a handsome man and marry him"
Bella (with a little giggle) "Oh okay"

Favorite Luke quotes from his trip to Utah:

Luke was running around looking for his sock and he couldn't find them. Aunt Sonya jumped into to help. She asked "Where was the last place you saw them?" Luke's response "on my feet".

Aunt Heather asked Luke if he wanted to go to Carl's Jr.? Luke response "Whose that?"

They were watching the Disney Oceans DVD and a baby walrus came on screen, Luke exclaimed "That looks like baby Royce!" Lol!

Bella Funny Quote

I was painting one of the walls in the den red. I asked Bella if she liked it? Her response "It's RED-TASTIC!"


Kathryn said...

Red-tastic!! Where did she come up with that?! I love it. "On my feet" made me laugh too!

shari berry bo-berry said...

that walrus comment had me rolling!!!!!!!!! hilarious!

Becky Sorenson said...

So funny!! I love reading these quotes. It was great to see James and Luke (just wish the rest of you could have come to). After Luke opened Royce's present he told me it was cool I got him "running shoes". Ha ha...made me laugh!