Saturday, January 15, 2011


Grandma Betty (James mom) was here for about a week, she was hoping the baby would show up but it didn't. James however was really sick this week and she was a lot of help and Luke & Bella enjoyed having an extra snuggle buddy around.
Luke was trying to drink his ice cream through a straw! Funny kid.

Fun with playdough and Mr. Potato head

If you come to our home on any given day you have a 80% chance of finding Bella dressed something like this. The girl is so girlie. The other day she said "Mom don't call me Bella, my name is Ariel and the baby is Aurora".

Let it snow!
We had our first (and hopefully last snow) this year! The kids and James had a blast playing in it. They went sledding on the same hill we did the slip n slide on this year and then made a snowman Luke named the snowman Snow-O and he is still standing strong in our front yard.

We didn't have a proper sled so we used a plastic bin


Playin games after FHE

As you can tell baby is still hunkered in there. I reached 41 weeks on Friday. I now have a lot more compassion for women who go over there due date. I had no idea how stressful/emotional it is. I am pretty sure this baby is not going to voluntarily come out.


shari berry bo-berry said...

I hope that baby comes soon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

praying for you!

Becky Sorenson said...

Come on baby....COME OUT!! We are so excited for these babies to come.

And you still look GREAT.

Tricia said...

I love the pic of Bella playing dress up! So pretty like her mommy. p.s. have the baby so I can see pics!!! :) And so you don't go crazy of course.