Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day!

Favorite memories from Christmas 2010.

Bella: Her favorite part about Christmas was not the presents themselves but opening them. She would open one throw it on the floor and go for the next. By the end of present opening she was demanding to open other peoples presents for them! Silly girl. Luke: Almost every present he opened his response was. "Wow! its just what I wanted!" His excitement with every present was hilarious. I told James we should have just gave him a box of rocks and he would have been happy.

opening presents for the baby

After Christmas was over I was snuggling with Bella in bed and was talking to her about it. I said "Christmas was so great, Santa is such a nice guy to bring you all those presents." Her response was so sure and exactly stated " Jesus is a really nice guy too!" Her sweet innocent response brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the truth in that statement and realized that her little spirit recognized the gift that our saviour is.

She couldn't get this present open and neither could Luke. Finally daddy had to step in and help as to avoid unneccesary messes.

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Kathryn said...

Fun fun updates! Christmas morning is such a special time for kids. It's fun to watch.