Thursday, April 29, 2010

My projects

Someone was giving this bench away on the side of the road, it was kid of falling apart but James helped me drill all the parts back together and I sanded and painted it. Its actually an old church pew.

When we moved to Utah we didn't have a table and James sister Heather (who is awesome!) gave us this one! I have wanted to paint it white since we got it but just never got around to it till now. It turned out so pretty, it really transformed our whole dining area.


Rachelle said...

It's beautiful! Good job. I love that you're still finding good stuff by the side of the road. I just found a play kitchen on the street, cleaned it up and sold it for $30.

Congrats on the new house! It's oh so lovely. LOVE the red roof! It's exciting that you're making such a huge step in life. I want more pictures when you can!

Kathryn said...

You amaze me! I seriously get tired just reading your blog. You put in so much effort with projects and yummy meals. Way to go little miss home-maker.

shari berry bo-berry said...

man am i behind the times. i hate how your blog never pops up on my "recent updates" and so i always forget to check it...SORRY!

congrats on your new house! that is so happy for your family!!!

and congrats on other news! :) i'm pretty sure you know what i'm talking about. :) love you!