Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bella Bella

So I thought I would give a little Bella update since she has been changing, learning and growing so much lately.

She is my ever faithful companion during choirs, always willing and ready to lend a hand whether or not its wanted.

She is finally growing some hair. Check out this pic she actually has a little curl. I figure it will just be a few months and then she can finally wear hair bows!! Lets keep our fingers crossed.

She absolutely adores her big brother and for the most parts wants to be everywhere and doing everything he is. She is actually quite the trouble maker getting Luke to do things he knows he shouldn't

Mostly she is a sweet little girl who just walks around the house singing and shakin' her booty. Have a little girl is so much different than a boy, I am definately greatful for her sweet disposition and her calming nature.


Lacey and Tyler said...

She is so gorgeous! She looks so much like you too!

Tracie said...

wow!!she's getting soo big! we miss u guys :(

Jessie said...

She is so beautiful! I love her little curl! Aren't girls the best?

Kristene said...

How sweet to see a little bit of your precious Bella! She's a doll... and don't worry - pig tails are right around the corner!

Tracie said...

Hi Luke and Baby Bella,
Luke I like your Thomas Bed, maybe I can sweet talk my Mom into getting one for me. I miss you can you come over and play sometime.

- Samson