Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Brothers

Some of my proudest moments the past week have been of Luke protecting his little sister. He is what you would consider your typical big brother. Nobody and I mean Nobody better mess with his baby sister (unless of course its himself) His new favorite sentence is " Be nice to baby Bella" which usually include a typical Luke scowl. If she is crying he will go over and pat her on the head or try to give her a bottle.

On the other hand he has no problem ripping a toy out of her hands if he wants it or pushing her down if she's bugging him, but by no means is anyone else aloud to mess with her.

Jello the universal food


Jessie said...

I love this post because recently I have been analyzing the sibling relationship between Jane and Maren.

Jane uses the same phrases that I do to try and comfort Maren when she is sad like, "it's ok sweetie" and "go see mommy".

But, at the same time, she pushes her down when she wants her to move and takes her toys, just like Luke with Bella. So funny...I guess they'll get it figured out...hopefully.

Kristene said...

So fun to see Luke in his new role, and to see Bella almost walking!?! How does this happen? So, am I to understand that you are in hair school, now? Good luck!