Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Crazy Life

So things have been so crazy around here, the past few weeks have just spiraled by. We just have so much going on who has time to blog! So here is a quick update.
James: totally busy with
  • Internship at the office (complete with its own version of Dwight)
  • To much homework not enough time
  • Prop 8 stuff
  • Church calling
  • Part time stay at home dad @nights
  • Amazing husband
Sara's complete preoccupied with
  • Terribly adorable toddler boy obsessed with dinosaurs and trains.
  • Sweet bald almost walking baby girl who has developed abandonment issues.
  • Crazy to much to tell in one sentence hair school.
  • Working on being a better: Cook, Housekeeper, Driver, Nanny, Stylist, Interior decorator, Personal trainer, Activities coordinator, Designer.
  • Not to mention all this tutu and headband jib jab.
Thats about it for the past couple weeks, catch up with you next time.

p.s. We are totally excited for Halloween here in the Mortensen home, watch for pictures, they're coming soon.

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Freddy and Mandy said...

Too bad motherhood doesn't come with a cape...