Friday, August 29, 2008

Palm Spring Vacation Part 1 & 2

We had such a fun vacation the past week! The perfect refresher to get us ready for this fall. Part 1 of our trip we headed up to Palm Springs ( last Friday Aug 22 with kids). Then on Monday we came back to SC to take care of a few school things and drop the kids off with my parents. Part 2 of our trip James and I got away by ourselves for the first time since the beginning of parenthood, I had a lot of anxiety about leaving the kids for more than a few hours, and even though I missed them a ton, it was SO NICE to take a break!!
Part 1
The weather was over a 100 degrees the whole time we were in Palm Springs so we decided to take the Aerial Tram up into to the mountains where it was only about 70 degrees, the tram ride up was fun and Luke thought it was really cool.

The not so smart thing we did was to take Luke hiking at nap time which pretty much turned into a nightmare and by time we finished hiking and road the tram back down to our car Luke was just crying, no reason, just crying. As soon as we set him in his car seat he was immediately asleep. Above is a picture of us at the end of the hiking trail which overlooks Palm Springs. Can't you see the joy on our faces

The best thing about the resort we stayed at was the pools which we spent several hours at each day. Luke is just like a fish in water now, he is even starting to learn to paddle his arms and kick his feet a little. Every time we would walk by one he would say "pool pease, pease" he was so cute and is completely efficient at holding his breath underwater. We even got him a little pair of goggles so he could open his eyes.

Our last day there with the kids we made a big family dinner, Bella got to experience spaghetti for the first time (she loved it) and Luke got to try Sparkling cider (not so much, but he liked the cool cups we put it in)

Part 2

Getting away from the kids was really bitter sweet (more sweet than bitter ). We had so much fun, it really made me remember all the goofy fun things we used to do. I don't know why but becoming a parent made us a lot more serious as individual and as a couple when we were dating we used to be really spontanious and silly. On this trip we got a refresher on that and it was fun! The other thing that was really cool was that if we wanted to go somewhere or do something we just grabbed our shoes and went it didn't take us a half an hour to get out the door and that was so nice, but it finally got a to a point after about a day and a half the we were just sitting there like, wow, I am really board I don't know what to do with myself because we are so used to going a million miles a minute changing diapers, feeding, laying down for naps and comforting, we weren't used to having a ton of time to ourselves. We also had a lot of fun staying up till 1 am the sad part was neither of us could sleep in much past 7 (darn those internal alarm clocks). Some of the things we did while we were there: Soak City (fun but over priced), Shopping (yay for no kids), Played games, watched TV, and James finally got to see the new Batman movie which was really good (we hadn't been to the theatre alone since before Luke was born).

I love the Olive Garden right now they have their never ending pasta bowl and we ate way to much. I think my favorite was Asiago Alfredo Garlic Sauce with Penne. We were goofing off in the movie theatre cause we were the only ones in there. James decided he wanted to train to be Batman and did a few laps around the theatre (Sounds weird I know but I'm not joking)

We have to give a big Thanks To James and my parents for making this trip possible. Thanks for the graduation present! Love you guys!


~shari~ said...

Hey man...I didn't get a trip for a graduation present!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad owe me BIG time! j/k

I am so glad you guys had a fun time! I love the story about Luke melting down on the hike...I have SO been there before!!!!!! I can relate 100% with that situation!

I can totally picture James running around the theater...that is SO james. Gotta love him!!!!

You are so freaking skinny/pretty Sara! YOu make me SICK! (well, actually a little jealous!) But hey, guess what? I ran a MILE today!!!!! Without stopping once! Yeah!!!! OH yeah...i'm cool, I Know. ;)

I hope we can see you guys soon!!

Freddy and Mandy said...

Isn't funny that when you have kids your body aches and you feel old and exhausted, then when they're gone for a day you feel 16 again?? I feel you guys! I'm so glad you had fun!!

Jessie said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you got some time to yourself too.

Your kids are getting so big, both of them. Luke's hair is getting so long and he looks like a little blonde James. Bella is a little beauty, I can't believe she's already so mobile. Maren just started walking like a few days ago. Crazy!